The Y.E.P! works with students to foster a mindset for future growth and development. We categorize our content into five core rationales: Who, What, When, Why and How. We break each concept down to the level of understanding in the simplest of terms, utilizing hands-on, creative, and thought provoking tools that engage the student retention process every step of the way. We strive to pull the inner leader out of our students, encouraging them to develop their creativities into profit generating trades.

At the Y.E.P!, we understand the concept of hands on learning.  We pride ourselves on educating students from the "out-of-the-box" methodology, allowing them to exercise in areas such as innovation, strategic planning, and entrepreneurial thinking.  We operate from the motto, "Practice Makes PERMANENT" and we reinforce this motto through focused concept delivery.  It is our goal to empower, encourage, and educate youth on Entrepreneurship in the early stages of learning to aid in the process of leadership development.

The YEP! is a youth program focused on Entrepreneurial Education for youth leaders grades 3-8.  Through this program, students learn the fundamentals of starting, growing and maintaining a business. Our curriculum is created on the principles of character building, leadership, and self-respect. Each student completes the program with a self-written business plan appropriate for their style of learning, as well as access to program counselors that will encourage their Entrepreneurial process for years to come.
Our Concept

Establishing an Environment of Learning, Leadership, and Legacy Within Our Young Leaders of Tomorrow, TODAY!

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